Not Just Another Book! Brian McLaren Gives it Unique Praise!

Everyone who recommends a new book says “it’s a must read.” I wanted to write a book that set forth a realistic vision for a new kind of living in the world, (not utopian fantasy) that draws from our most ancient sources of instructions from the Creator. According to Brian McLaren, it worked. Here’s what he said:

As I read Shalom and the Community of Creation, I kept thinking that I could give away half of my library and wouldn’t lose too much because so many books simply rehash the same things. But this book offers so much that is fresh and unique – and forgotten and under-appreciated too. I wish that first every seminarian and then every thoughtful Christian on the continent could read it, because this wise and well-written book leads to a different and better future than we are driving towards now. Enthusiastically recommended.— Brian McLaren, Author/speaker

I hope you will take time to read the book carefully, and re-imagine with me living the kind of life Creator has intended for all of humanity since the beginning. This book lays out the foundation for such a path.Thanks! (Wa-do’) -Randy Woodley, Author